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Kirtis' story

Floor Supervisor Kirtis, outside Coffi Co

Kirtis found a new career path and now has his sights set on getting on the property ladder.

Embarking on a new path

Kirtis, from Cardiff, has risen up the ranks at Coffi Co, just six months after starting at the successful South Wales company under a government scheme.

Kirtis is now in a permanent role with Coffi Co and plans to keep on progressing and working his way up the ranks to support his personal goals for the future.

After being made redundant from his role as croupier in a casino just before Christmas 2020, Kirtis was keen to get back into work as quickly as possible to carry on paying his rent and bills.

He explained: “I hate being out of work, so when I was made redundant and was stuck at home without a job, it was easy to feel down and isolated.

“I kept my head up and tried to stay positive by looking at it as an opportunity for a fresh start and kept my eye out for roles that I thought I would enjoy. I’ve always had a strong work ethic and a desire to learn new skills if there’s something I don’t know how to do yet.

“I saw the role of Junior Barista come up at Coffi Co and thought it was a great opportunity for me to put my customer service skills to good use, even though I didn’t have any experience working in a coffee shop.

“I found out how to apply through the scheme and was so happy when I was offered the interview, which went really well. The whole process was quick and easy, and within a few weeks I was behind the counter and learning how to make coffee.”

Moving up the ranks

Since joining the company, Kirtis has completed several qualifications and learned new skills over the last six months and has progressed to the role of Floor Supervisor.

He explained: “The highlight for me so far has been getting a promotion to supervisor as I wasn’t expecting to be able to progress in such a short period of time – it’s given me a real confidence boost.

“The great thing about Coffi Co is that they don’t expect perfection straight away and they give people opportunities here no matter what your age or experience. That’s given me a huge confidence boost.

“Having that support and freedom to learn has allowed me to develop so many new skills. I didn’t have waiting or bartending experience on my CV, and since working here I’ve been taught those skills and so many more. I’ve been trained and gained two new qualifications both at   Level 2 in Food and Hygiene and Barista, and I know there will be more qualifications to come because I’m learning all the time.

“Now, with the responsibility of opening up and often closing the shop, helping with training when new people start, and sending off figures at the end of a shift, I’m developing managerial attributes and looking forward to seeing what I can learn next.”

Looking to the future

He said: “If, like me, you find yourself out of work or aren’t sure what you want to do next, I can’t recommend exploring the available government help enough. Through businesses signing up to them, it means people like me get a chance to show what we can do and learn more skills as we go.

“I’ve always been determined to push myself forward and change my own future. When I was 18, I was in a hostel for over a year before I was able to eventually rent my own place. My next goal is to buy my own house, and I’m saving up to get a mortgage so I can get onto the property ladder. Having the security of a job where I know there is room to progress means I’m getting closer to that goal every day.

“Through this role, I have learned that if I work hard and dedicate myself, my hard work will be recognised and rewarded, and I can keep moving forward. I’ve now got a clear pathway to keep progressing.”

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