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Lee's story


Lee accessed a career review to help him with his transition from the military.

Starting a career early

Lee began his career in the military at age 16 and served in the Army for 24 years.

He was able to access on-going training and undertook many courses during his military career. This helped Lee to work his way right up through the ranks to a high-level role.

Currently residing in Bridgend, Lee’s time in the Army saw him stationed at a variety of locations across the UK.

At the age of 41, Lee will retire from the military and join the civilian work force.

Moving on from the Army and accessing careers support

Lee was aware that he needed employment support on his release from the Army. He didn’t have an up-to-date CV and had no clear path of what he was going to do next.

Although not aware of Careers Wales, Lee was introduced to Careers Wales and the Working Wales service by a friend. Lee looked on-line to find out more and made contact via the website.

Lee had the choice of receiving support face to face in a careers centre or digitally and he opted for digital. He was supported by careers adviser Kelly Smith who is based in the Bridgend careers centre.

Working with Kelly, Lee accessed one to one careers guidance, which for him included help with his CV and applications as well as interview support. As part of a career review, Lee also undertook a psychometric assessment for free, which helped him match his attributes to roles that would be suitable for him.

Talking about the support he received, Lee says, “The career review took me right back to my skill set and helped me identify my core skills and how I could make them transferable for jobs outside the military”.

Applying for new roles and looking towards the future

Lee has already been applying for roles and has already been successful in finding employment ready for when he leaves the military.

If you've been inspired by Lee's story, you can book a free career review to help you make a career change.


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Career review

Need help with changing your career? Working Wales can help you discover the path that's right for you. Book a free career review.