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Welsh Government

Real life stories

See how real people around Wales have changed their story.

Get in touch to change your story or click on the links below to read more.

Ally's story

Ally's Personal Learning Account has helped to boost her business.

David D's story

David enrolled on a technical networking course to train in a key priority sector.

Helen's story

Helen kickstarted her new career after spending two years caring full-time for her grandmother.

Jayne's story

Jayne has nearly doubled her salary since studying a Personal Learning Account course.

Shane and Corrina's story

A couple from Newport are looking to rewrite their careers through two different support programmes.

Nina's story

Nina is going above and beyond to land her dream job.

Ethan's story

Ethan enjoys the hands-on experience Jobs Growth Wales+ offers.

Angel's story

Angel is building a brighter future for themself.

Kavan's story

Kavan is turning his lifelong passion into a career.

Martin's story

Martin proves that new skills can be learnt at any age.

Frances' story

Keeping her skills current helped Frances move into a new career.

Sue's story

Sue is thriving in her career change.

Safyan's story

Creative apprentice Safyan says his apprenticeship at ITV is the best experience of his life...

Ellie's story

A childcare apprenticeship is helping Ellie achieve her dream career...

Ben's story

Ben has regained his confidence through starting an apprenticeship...

Sally's story

Apprentice of the year 2018 award winner Sally has achieved a HNC and a career at Tata Steel...

Daren's story

Manager Daren has achieved success through an apprenticeship...

Training support: Paige's story

Getting work experience led to an apprenticeship for Paige…

Sara F's story

Sara found she could overcome her anxiety and help others to do the same.

Kit's story

Kit discovered it’s never too late to turn your passion into a career.

Jacob's story

Jacob is on track to the career of his dreams.

Cameron's story

Cameron discovered a different way of learning was available to him, and after pushing himself out of his comfort zone, he is now looking forward to his future.

Zoe's story

Zoe proves that career paths can be followed through life’s twists and turns.

Christopher's story

Funding helped open new doors for Christopher.

Aqsa’s story

A computer course opened doors for Aqsa....

John S's story

Getting involved with an Open University course helped John....

Catrin's story

An Access to Higher Education course changed Catrin's story....

Emily's story

Continued learning helps to build Emily's confidence....

Learning new skills: Sara's story

The right training led to full time work for Sara…

Matthew's story

A traineeship and qualifications secured Matt a full-time job...

Rose's story

Adult courses kick-started Rose's learning journey...

Karen's story

Karen found herself at a crossroads when she was made redundant. The funding and advice she received from Working Wales helped her secure her new role.

Ben P's story

Ben discovered that redundancy was the start of a new chapter for him.

Angharad's story

Angharad won’t let redundancy get in the way of her career aspirations.

Paula's story

Paula proves that age doesn’t have to be a barrier to learning new skills that improve job prospects.

Cheryl's story

Getting redundancy advice helped Cheryl back into work.

Redundancy support: David's story

Receiving redundancy support opened new doors for David…

Brian's Story

A former window and door fabricator who was made redundant has secured a dream role after getting Welsh Government career support and funding for training.

Luke’s story

A 24-year-old man from Cwmfelinfach has credited Welsh Government employment support and funding for helping him kickstart his dream career, after he was made redundant shortly before the birth of his first child.

Euron's story

Euron proves you can always chase your dream career.

Phoebe's story

Phoebe turned her passion for baking into a career.

Kirtis' story

Kirtis found a new career path and now has his sights set on getting on the property ladder.

David R's story

David discovered that he could balance work and essential family time.

Erin J's story

Erin is ready for a future in production arts.

Huw's story

A 6-month placement changed Huw’s long-term career plans.

Carl's story

Job application and interview support helped Carl progress into his dream career.

Dominic H's Story

Access funding and careers support helped Dominic secure a job during Covid-19.

Mike's story

CV support helped Mike secure a job as a key worker.

Heather's story

Careers support via video interviewing helps Heather plan for her return to Wales. 

Beverley's story

Careers guidance helped Beverley move forward after retirement.

John's Story

John proves you can get back into work at any age.

Leaving school: Rhys' story

Advice on getting into a job led to permanent work for Rhys…

Work advice: Eve's story

Getting careers advice helped Eve to progress into work…

Dan's story

Dan started martial arts at the age of six, and now has numerous world titles under his belt as well as running his own successful kickboxing brand.

Dilly's story

Accessing support to start her own business has helped Dilly pursue a career in beauty.

Nathan's story

Nathan’s dream business idea became a reality during Covid-19.

Help with childcare: Chanelle's story

Childcare support and a business start up grant led to self-employment for Chanelle…

Charlie's story

Charlie proves resitting the year can be a blessing in disguise.

Nia F's story

A Working Wales careers fair helped 16-year-old Nia from Abertillery plan her future after GCSEs.

Maddox's story

Maddox hopes to follow childhood Formula One dream.

Cerys' story

Growing up with 11 brothers and sisters inspires Cerys to be midwife.

Imogen's story

Imogen: Studying in sixth form and planning for university...

Ceri's story

Ceri Vaughan Jones is going to university after taking a year out to work.

Begw's story

Begw Rowlands: A year out has helped me plan my future...

Scott's story

Scott Gilmore: On track for a law degree...

Poppy's story

Poppy, 17, stayed on at sixth form to continue her studies and hopes to study abroad next year in the US to start an international career.

Alex's story

The pandemic took a toll on my future ambitions...

Nia's story

Nia-Faith Williams says hard work, being herself and a work placement helped her to build a fulfilling career.

Laura's story

Laura Green left school after her GCSEs and started her apprenticeship two years later...

Dominic's story

At 16 Dominic become a joinery apprentice and by the age of 21 set up his own business. Read Dominic's story...