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JJ's story


After seeking careers support, JJ went from unemployment to thriving as a security guard.

Facing unemployment

JJ, an 18-year-old resident of Newtown, Powys, was having difficulty with securing a job after he finished school.

He managed to get a temporary apprenticeship with a construction company before working a small amount of time with an agency.

When JJ turned 18, he found himself unemployed. That is when he decided to contact Careers Wales and ask for support.

Getting support from Careers Wales

JJ said: “I thought I didn’t need help and that I could do it by myself.

“But it got to the stage where I was stuck in a rut, and I couldn’t get out of it, so I went to Careers Wales and got absolutely brilliant help. It put me right on the path that I needed.”

Careers adviser, Karen Rodenburg, sat down with JJ and they spoke about what he would like to do. They also completed the Career Match Quiz together to find out what jobs might be right for him.

JJ said: “It was a really big help. It was good to get details about specific jobs like how popular they are or how in demand they are and what the pay is like.”

JJ explored various career options and discovered a passion for the security industry. Karen also helped JJ with updating and building his CV.

He noted: “Previously, my CV was really poor. Karen explained what needed to be where. She did it all with me.

“As soon as I put my new CV on Indeed, it went really well.”

Starting a new career

JJ found employment with security company, G4S. He had further training, obtained the necessary qualifications to work in the security sector and was offered a permanent position as a security guard.

When asked about his new job and his advice for others facing similar challenges, JJ said: “It’s something I feel passionate about.

“Don’t give up and talk to your family. I went a long time without telling anyone how I really felt about not being in a job.

“Get in contact with Working Wales or go to your local careers centre and just talk to them. They’ll sit down, they’ll listen, they’ll care, and you can move step by step with them.”

“You never know what’s next for yourself.”

If you would like to explore your interests and opportunities with a careers adviser, please get in touch with us today.


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