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Roxie's story

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Roxie’s careers adviser helped them explore alternatives to college after GCSE’s.

Charlotte also helped Roxie realise their ambition of working in hospitality.

Roxie said: “It was a real relief after meeting with Charlotte. It definitely helped me realise where I wanted to be in the future.”

Finding the right path

The next step was to explore training and employment options within the sector.

Charlotte suggested that training opportunities at ITEC might be a suitable fit.

After meeting with ITEC in a session set up by Charlotte, Roxie decided this was their best next step.

Roxie applied for a hospital and catering course at the training company and was delighted to be accepted.

Looking ahead

After starting the course at ITEC during the summer, Roxie said: “I’m really enjoying it. I’m loving the place.

“I’m really looking forward to having lots of options after I finish.

“It’s thanks to Charlotte that I’ve got here.”



Whether you are finding your way in the world of work, or taking steps towards a career change, an apprenticeship could be for you.

Young Person’s Guarantee

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