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Clare’s story


Clare’s careers adviser helped her access ReAct+ to fund her coaching course and kickstart her health and wellbeing business.

Early retirement

Clare Williams, based in Wrexham, spent a decade in the NHS as an occupational therapist and had been part of the healthcare field since the age of 17. She had to retire early at the age of 55 due to long COVID symptoms.

As her health improved over time, Clare felt she wasn't ready to be retired just yet.

Professional development

Clare had previously trained as a wellbeing coach and planned to pursue this part-time once she was strong enough. However, she felt there was a gap in her skills and knowledge.

To address this, Clare found an intensive Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) course in Cardiff. She discovered that it was eligible for a ReAct+ grant.

“Finding that I could get a grant to help me was just amazing. It took away the financial pressure and gave me the freedom to say yes. It was the best thing that I ever did.”

Clare reached out to Careers Wales for more advice and was scheduled a telephone appointment with Debbie, a careers adviser at Working Wales.

Support from Working Wales

During the appointment with Debbie, Clare shared her future career plans, and they discussed the necessary information for Clare to apply for ReAct+.

Clare said: “Debbie always checked back with me that she had understood the information I was providing. She was very mindful that I felt listened to.

“She also ensured that our appointments were at a time to suit me and kept me informed of any changes via text and or e-mail. She could not have been more helpful!

“We worked together for the best outcome on the funding application – and I was delighted to have been successful and be able to go ahead with the course.”

Within a few weeks, Clare headed to Cardiff to start the course she believed was essential for launching her business.

A bright and hopeful future

When Clare completed her course, she became a qualified NLP coach and hypnotherapy practitioner.

“Thanks to this course I can move forward in a very confident and practical way with my own business.

“I’m taking my time putting the business together. I’m not rushing it and I’m enjoying the journey.

“The support to re-enter the workforce has made a significant difference for me financially, as well as boosting my confidence and motivation, following a very difficult time in my life.”

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