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Amy's story


Amy is determined to start a career in childcare.

Overcoming barriers

Amy, 19, from Bargoed, was diagnosed with a sight impairment at the age of seven but has never let her disability hold her back.

She joined Jobs Growth Wales+ on the Engagement strand, but quickly progressed to Advancement and is currently studying for a Level 1 Health and Social Care qualification.

Amy said: “Before Jobs Growth Wales+ I attended school, but because I’m partially sighted, I got a lot of headaches and struggled to concentrate. My mother helped me look at different options and we arranged a meeting with Working Wales, where they suggested Jobs Growth Wales+.

“The programme gave me funding to have a personal laptop and my course tutors downloaded software which makes on-screen text bigger for me. This way of learning has been really helpful, and it’s meant that I’ve been able to complete a lot of the online courses much quicker than I would have before.”

Reaching new heights

Because of her hard work and determination, Amy successfully completed a Level 1 Employability qualification and gained work experience with several companies including Jelly Totz Play Centre and Sweet Peas Nursery.

Amy said: “The first course I studied with Jobs Growth Wales+ taught me how to write a CV and interview for jobs and after that, I was keen to gain experience in a working environment.

“Jelly Totz was my first placement, and this helped boost my confidence when meeting new people. I then worked at Sweet Peas Nursery where I really enjoyed playing with children and getting involved in their learning.”

Amy even explored placements outside of Childcare by working at a charity shop for Sight Cymru and the Plaza café in Blackwood to develop her customer service skills.

Amy continued: “During these placements, I tidied and talked to customers and was given responsibility for certain display areas. Both experiences were great because my favourite subject in school was art and the programme and placements incorporated this into my learning by allowing me to design leaflets and posters.”

Looking ahead to the future

Moving forward, Amy has her heart set on a career in the childcare industry.

She said: “I’ve always known I’ve wanted to work in childcare. I have two younger sisters, one that is two, and another that is three, and I really enjoy looking after them.

“Now that I’ve progressed to Advancement and I’m studying childcare, I’m excited to start learning new things like how to properly clean the toys and change nappies. Hopefully one day I can get another placement and study to become a nursery teacher.”

I’d encourage other people my age to consider Jobs Growth Wales+. I’ve made new friends, and it’s helped me realise what I definitely want to do with my future. Every day I feel supported and more confident to pursue my dream job.”

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