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Euron's story

Euron sitting at a computer desk and smiling at the camera

Euron didn’t have the confidence to go for the job he really wanted. But, with our support, he’s now in his 'dream job' as a camera operator.

From self-employed to employed after 20 years

Euron, 46, had been his own boss for 20 years as a studio and freelance photographer. When the pandemic hit, he couldn’t work due to the lockdown restrictions.

He said, “I always wanted to work in TV but never felt I had the confidence. I offered certain film services as part of my work, but it wasn’t what I was really passionate about.”

Gaining new experience

The father-of-two used his contacts to get freelance work as an assistant camera operator, increasing his confidence while building his portfolio.

Knowing he wanted a more permanent change, Euron contacted Working Wales. He had support with writing a CV and interview preparation.

Euron continued, “Through the work I was doing freelancing, I came across a few vacancies I wanted to apply for but had no idea where to start. I didn’t have a CV and hadn’t applied for a job, let alone interviewed for one, in more than two decades. I felt overwhelmed.”

Euron has since secured a role as a camera operator/editor with Tinopolis, the Llanelli and Caernarfon based television production company.

Euron is now in his dream job

He added, "With help from Working Wales, I’m in my dream job. I can’t quite believe it.

"Covid gave me the kick I needed to make a change.

My adviser, Helen Roberts, was brilliant. She gave me loads of help with my CV, application form, and even interviews. She gave me pointers on what to do and what not to do, which really boosted my confidence.”

Helen Roberts, a careers adviser based in the newly re-located Porthmadog centre, said, “Euron knew what he wanted, but, like many people, he lacked the confidence to go for it.

“The pandemic has seen many people take a leap of faith and change careers, for varying reasons, and I’m so pleased we were able to support Euron into a job he loves.

“If anyone needs support with a career change, or anything employment related, then get in touch with us.”


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