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David R's story

David working in the nursery kitchen

David discovered that he could balance work and essential family time.

Ready for a change

David, 39 from Anglesey, was passionate about his career as a chef up until the moment in 2020 he was furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He loved his job and wanted to continue honing his two decades of existing experience as a chef when hospitality re-opened, but he also wanted to continue spending more quality time with his young daughter – so he started to rethink his options.

David knew he would not be furloughed forever, and so he decided to make a change. To continue enjoying the family time he loved, he started to look for jobs to find something that allowed for more time at home.

David commented: “Being furloughed gave me the time to reflect on the things I wanted to prioritise. I was spending more time with my two-year-old daughter and, even though I loved my job, I realised I was looking for a greater work-life balance.”

“I was however really torn. I’ve been lucky to have gained so much from years working my way up in the hospitality industry. I’m incredibly passionate about cooking and it has taken me to some amazing places, including time working in Saudi Arabia.”

Fear of the unknown

David was nervous at the thought of possibly moving away from a career he had worked so hard in. David said “The idea that I was choosing to leave my job as a chef was daunting. It was all I’d known. But when my daughter learned to walk while I was on furlough, I worried what else I might miss out on.”

David got in touch with us via our telephone support service and worked with one of our advisers to understand his options.

He was surprised when he learned in his consultation that there were in fact jobs in his industry that would afford him the luxury of flexibility, thanks to the transferable skills he’d developed.

Best of both worlds

With the help of one of our advisers, David found a job working as a head chef at a children’s nursery – which just so happens to be the same nursery his daughter attends.

David says, “Without my adviser, I would never have known that there could be chef jobs out there that offered such flexibility!”

“Not everyone can say they genuinely look forward to going to work, but I am one of the lucky ones who can say I really do. Working in the same nursery my daughter goes to, and still getting to see her outside of work thanks to a sociable working schedule is a real gift.”

If like David, you’re looking to explore your opportunities and need advice and guidance, please contact us today.

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