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Imogen's story

Imogen standing in a garden

Imogen: Studying in sixth form and planning for university

Imogen, 17, is studying A Levels at sixth form in chemistry, physics, maths and the Welsh Baccalaureate. She plans to go to university when she completes her A Levels in 2022.

She said: “I’m keen to go to university to study medicine as I am thinking of becoming a doctor. It’s a competitive course to get onto so I have been trying to find work experience, but it’s been almost impossible because of Covid, so I have attended some online lectures at King’s College London which have been helpful.

“I’m enjoying my courses and really like my subjects, but sixth form has been a bit of a challenge so far because so much of the learning has been online which has been different to what I’m used to.

“Looking at the positive side, I’ve learned to be more disciplined and solve problems on my own, as well as keep myself motivated and stay focused on my studies. These skills will definitely help me in the future for my degree next year.”


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