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Scott and Imogen's stories

Scott and Imogen standing by a wall

Scott and Imogen Gilmour will be receiving their A-Level and GCSE results this summer. They are both choosing to stay on in education from September.

For Scott and Imogen, the pandemic hasn’t changed anything.

Scott: Going to university 

Despite his final exams being cancelled, Scott Gilmour, 18, is hoping to get the A Level grades he needs in maths, history and physics to start his law degree in September. 

Scott said: “I did well in my Year 12 exams and our final results are being calculated based on those so I’m hoping I’ll get the grades I need. It’s an odd time to be getting results and thinking about moving to another city, especially as I didn’t end up sitting my final exams.

“I’m still planning on heading to Durham for university in September despite everything that’s going on. I thought about deferring but decided not to in the end, it’s a pretty unique time to start university and depending on how many people decide to defer I might even end up with smaller classes.”

Imogen: Staying in sixth form and planning for the future

Imogen, 16, will be collecting her GCSE results and is planning to stay on at sixth form to study chemistry, biology, maths and physics. After she finishes sixth form, Imogen is considering an apprenticeship.

She said: “I want to study maths and sciences because those are the subjects I’m best at and enjoy the most. After sixth form I’ve thought about doing an apprenticeship, but university is also a possibility.

I had hoped to do some work experience over the summer to get a better idea of what I might want to do as a career, that’s all been put on hold for now but I’ve got time to work out what I want to do next. I’m looking forward to starting sixth form in September.”


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