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Adult Learners' Week

Person holding up textiles, with the Learning and Work Institute, Careers Wales and Welsh Government logos also displayed.

Take advantage of free online courses from Adult Learners' Week. Never stop learning.

There are many exciting areas to choose from, such as digital skills, arts and crafts and health and wellbeing. There are courses in numeracy and literacy, life skills, the environment, languages, social sciences and many more.

You might want to develop your self-confidence, enhance your wellbeing, take up a new hobby, or simply progress in work. You might also be looking for information on funding, specialised careers, or ways to improve your skills to find a new job.

To speak with an adviser, contact us, or choose a category from the list below to start learning.

Adult Learners' Week events, courses and resources

Select a subject area you are interested in on the Adult Learners' Week website.

Or you can search for all courses and events on the Adult Learners’ Week platform.

Other adult learning courses

Further support

Redundancy Support

Find out about the redundancy support available to you in Wales. Get help with how to move on from redundancy with confidence.

Real life stories

View real life stories on the Adult Learners' Week website.