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Adult Learners' Week

Person holding up textiles, with the Learning and Work Institute, Careers Wales and Welsh Government logos also displayed.

This Adult Learners' Week and throughout October you can take part in free online and in-person courses, events, and taster sessions. Discover your passion and never stop learning.

There are many exciting areas to choose from, such as digital skills, arts and crafts and health and wellbeing. There are courses in numeracy and literacy, life skills, the environment, languages, social sciences and many more.

Maybe you want to grow your confidence, improve your wellbeing, try out a new hobby or just progress in work. You might also be seeking specialised careers and funding information or looking to advance your skills to land a new job.

Get in touch to speak to an adviser or pick a category below and start learning today.

Adult Learners' Week events, courses and resources

Select a subject area you are interested in on the Adult Learners' Week website.

Or you can search for all courses and events on the Adult Learners’ Week platform.

Essential and employability skills courses

A range of courses and tutorials to improve your skills for everyday life and to help you get into work. 

Exercise, health and well-being courses

Achieve a healthy body & mind with our exercise, health & well-being courses. 

Making and creating courses

Unlock your potential with one of our courses on creativity from our partners. 

Languages and communication courses

Learn a new language or improve your communication skills with confidence with one of these courses.

Digital and technology courses

A range of courses and tutorials to develop your technical and digital literacy skills. 

Outdoor and environmental courses

Explore a range of courses to widen your environmental knowledge.

Other adult learning courses

Learning Welsh

Find your local Welsh language course.

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Courses to improve your English language skills.

Adult Learning Wales

Search for a wide range of adult learning courses through Adult Learning Wales.

Further support

Redundancy Support

Find out about the redundancy support available to you in Wales. Get help with how to move on from redundancy with confidence.

About adult and community education

Learn what's involved and the benefits of doing a course.

Rewrite your career with a Personal Learning Account

Make your success story by rewriting your career with a Personal Learning Account.

Real life stories

Emma's Story

From homelessness to a Master's degree, adult learning changed Emma's life...

Hisham's story

Hisham’s dream to study was made possible when he arrived in Wales – he learned how to speak English and is hoping to pursue a degree in Pharmacy.

Karryann's story

Karryann’s lived experience has led her to overcome barriers she never thought she could. At 42, she has now enrolled onto a Law Degree.