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Parents, Childcare and Employment (PaCE)

If childcare is the main reason you are struggling to get into work, support is available with PaCE.

What is PaCE?

PaCE will cover the cost of childcare to help you prepare for and start work. 

Friendly advisers work in communities across Wales to help you find childcare and a job which is right for you. 

PaCE also offers support to build your confidence, gain work experience, learn new skills or re-write your CV. You will receive help as an individual and advisors can meet with you in your local community.

PaCE is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Social Fund. 

What are the benefits of PaCE?

Your PaCE adviser can help you understand how childcare costs will be paid before you start work and also after you start work. 

They can help you find out whether you would be better off working, and help you find a job which is suitable for you, whether that’s part time or full time. 

Your advisor will also be able to tell you how to access information on childcare in your area and provide information on other support you may be able to claim when you start work through the Childcare Offer or Universal Credit, and can pay for childcare whilst you’re training or getting work experience through the PaCE project, improving your chances of getting a job. 

How does PaCE work?

You will have your own PaCE adviser, who will meet you at a convenient place near you. They will find out what help you need when they meet with you, and will agree next steps with you. There is no obligation to join PaCE, it’s entirely up to you and you can decide whether PaCE is for you following your meeting with your adviser. If you decide to join PaCE, your adviser will arrange to meet or contact you on a regular basis to ensure you are getting the help you need to start work.

I’m interested in PaCE, what do I need to do?

Your first step is to see a Careers Wales adviser who will discuss your needs and help you get in touch with your local PaCE adviser. 

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